Welcome to my website. Reading this could help you change your life.I can help you rid yourself of problems that have been holding you back for years

Want to stop smoking? Want to reduce stress or conquer phobias? Then you are on the first step to a solution.

Some of the problems which may be treatable by hypnotherapy include:

- anxiety
- panic attacks
- phobias
- unwanted habits eg:smoking, overeating, alcoholism
- disrupted sleep patterns
- lack of confidence and low self esteem
- fear of exams and public speaking
-IBS (Recognised as by the medical profession as the most successful treatment).
-eating disorders
-starting exercise or sports but difficulty keeping up the training.
-other sporting issuesl
Hypnotherapy and counselling can also help with grief.

Hypnosis is a state of mind enhanced by mental and physical relaxation in which our conscious mind is distracted, allowing our subconscious to work. The healing capacity of our own body may be stimulated by hypnotherapy. It is safe, effective and free from side effects.

Paul Clark MA, ADV DIP SACH, NLP GHR is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP and Reiki Practioner. He treats a wide variety of problems and believes in promoting a holistic and preventative approach towards problems of the mind and body. Due to new legislation patients and staff who wish to give up smoking are currently being referred to him from Oldchurch Hospital.